Wiley the Wolf is a young gray wolf, and the main mascot of Great Wolf Lodge. His birthday is on February 5th. He was first introduced around late 2001 as a member of The Cub Buddies. He is now a member of The Great Wolf Kids.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Original Wiley DesignEdit

Originally when he was introduced in 2001, Wiley was a dark gray wolf with a black stripe down his back. He also had yellow eyes and much pointer ears. Wiley had a blue shirt with a "W" on the front and his full name on the back, a green cap, a pair of striped shorts, and dark green sneakers. He was much larger than the current, smaller Wiley. He was often paired with Biko the Bear.

Updated Wiley DesignEdit

In 2009, Wiley was redesigned to be more appealing and friendly-looking. He has lighter gray fur and a pale gray face marking. While he initially wore a park ranger inspired outfit as a way to promote Project Green Wolf, he has sported a red shirt and khaki shorts in recent years. Wiley's eyes also became green to match.


Wiley is a natural leader, and it was he who suggested to Tooth & Nail the idea of building a waterpark for his fellow Great Wolf Kids to play in. He is kind but also very adventurous, sometimes to a fault. Despite this, it is Wiley's goal to be a friend to all who wish to explore. He is also outgoing, hopeful, inspirational, and courageous.

Wiley, like most wolves, loves to howl. In addition to this, he is also a talented dancer. He also learns how to take care of the environment too!

Fun Facts About Wiley Edit

Defining Character Trait: Leader of the Pack.

Favorite Color: Green

Activity/Sport: Hiking

Favorite Holiday: Earth Day

Favorite Tradition: Wolf Walk

Favorite Food: "The Wiley Burger"


Pre-2009 WileyEdit

Wiley since 2009 Edit


  • Wiley has occasionally been erroneously portrayed as being brown, such as on the old "Cub Club" website.
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