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Wiley's Woods was an indoor play facility that opened in 2003 across from Great Wolf Lodge Wisconsin Dells, WI and featured Wiley the Wolf as its namesake. It was removed in July 2009 due to maintenance costs, as well as the redesign of Wiley the Wolf. The facility was later remodeled to be used for MagiQuest as the lodge itself was considered to be too small for the game to fully take place in. The game was developed by Creative Kingdoms who would go on to later create MagiQuest.


Wiley's Woods was both an indoor play-setting and an adventure game (similar to the later MagiQuest). Players, referred to as "Creature Keepers" collected points (tracked by electronic wristbands) by playing over 60 game consoles, using slides, bridges, nets and mazes.

The magical forest used as the setting was home to many creatures, and it was the goal of the Creature Keepers to ensure the critters (including butterflies, squirrels, and a lion) are fed the right diet of "berries", consisting of the foam balls found around the play structure.

In addition to the main "quest", Wiley's Woods also contained a central tree with scoreboard, gravity chutes, "berry vacuums", drum cannons, hyper blowers and a berry tipping bucket at the top of the tree (similar to the large water bucket found in the waterpark).


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  • In addition to being a play facility, Wiley's Woods was also used as a birthday party destination for the lodge, as it contained several party rooms and a Pizza Hut Express.