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The Forest Friends Show is an attraction found at several Great Wolf Lodge locations that opened between 2014 and 2017. It replaced The Great

Clock Tower Show which is commonly found at older locations with the exception of the Niagara Falls, ON location which has an older version of this show.

The Forest Friends Show Time Great Wolf Lodge Poconos

The Forest Friends Show Time Great Wolf Lodge Poconos



Like it's predecessor, The Forest Friends Show consists of several talking animal animatronics that entertain guests at different points during the day. The show, however, leaves out the human characters as well as the giant clock. Instead, giant screens in the background feature CGI characters that interact with the animatronics during the show. The Forest Friends Show is activated during the evening hours whenever Story Time takes place as well as one time during the morning hours.


The show usually starts up with some younger animals wanting to hear some stories from Grandpa Bear who is asleep during the beginning of the show. The animals manage to wake him up and then he goes on telling the story of how the seasons came to be through several songs.

Niagara Falls, ON VersionEdit

At the location in Niagara Falls, ON there exists a different version of this show which predates the version most are familiar with as the resort opened in 2006. This version stars Mo the Moose, Mother Bear with her cubs, and other Northwoods animals as they sing about their adventures. Unlike the newer version this one also has a talking tree similar to the ones found at The Great Clock Tower Show.



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