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The Slap Tail Pond is the wave pool which can be found at most Great Wolf Lodge locations inside the Bear Track Landing Waterpark. It is quite popular among those visiting the waterpark.

How it works[]

Like most wave pools, the waves are artificially generated and are set to go off every five minutes throughout the day. A "howl" can usually be heard indicating that the wave pool will start generating waves which usually last for a few minutes before stopping again. It is the largest and deepest pool in the entire waterpark, with the deepest being at 5 feet to allow the waves to be generated properly. Most guests including younger ones usually stay near the shallow end and are recommended to wear a lifejacket as well. In the past, the resort allowed inner tubes to be used in the wave pool, but many no longer allow them likely due to safety reasons as well as to allow for enough inner tubes for slides that require them. Despite this, some locations do continue to allow inner tubes to be used in the wave pool.