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ShadowQuest is an interactive role playing game similar to the original MagiQuest that was implemented into several Great Wolf Lodge locations in 2013. In this game, players investigate the reason why the light is disappearing in the sky and to defeat the mastermind behind it before it vanishes. The game was the first in the series to use the Unity engine for it's graphics. This game is also known as MagiQuest Chronicles: Journey To Save The Light.


  • Detect Magic Rune
  • Track Magic Rune
  • Lock Portal Rune
  • Banish Creature Rune
  • Sky Light Rune
  • Stone Rune
  • Agon Rune
  • Snowman Rune
  • Avalanche Rune
  • Snow Rune


  • Investigate the Vanishing Light
  • The Final Battle



Trivia (Taken from MagiQuest Wiki)[]

  • When the game was being developed internally, ShadowQuest was called WinterQuest.
  • At the Wisconsin Dells, WI location, there is an unused lightbox containing a war hammer.