Sammy the Squirrel is a young Squirrel that always carries a yellow camera with her. She is the representative for Great Wolf Lodge's Shutterfly Service, and owns her own photography studio called "Paw Prints". Sammy is also the titular mascot of Sammy's Flip Flop Workshop. Her birthday is on July 6th.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Sammy is a brown squirrel with a tan belly and blue eyes. She wears white and red sneakers, and formerly carried a yellow camera with her. As of her most recent walkaround, Sammy has been depicted as wearing a yellow overall dress with her name on the front, as well as several paint splotches.


Sammy is described as creative and talkative and enjoys taking pictures of her friends having fun. Her favorite color is light blue and her favorite food are Acorns. Her favorite season is Summer. She views the lives of her friends and guests at the lodge through her camera lens.


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