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MagiQuest Chronicles: Rise of the Totem Masters is a game that can be found in newer lodges. You pick a Totem of your choice at the MagiQuest Marketplace. Totems can be used to duel other creatures in Battle Stations. They are enhanced in battle with Relics, which can be gained in Quests in the game. Wand Toppers can also enhance Totems.


In the near future, the Shadow Lords have returned to Vellara, spreading darkness across the lands, spawning monstrosities that terrorize villagers in the night. A young Magi will be sent forward in time and given a mystic figurine that can summon fourth a Totem Spirit Animal. Though many adventures the Totem becomes a powerful ally as the hero discovers what really happened to the Magi, and what ancient evil is behind the impending darkness.

Playable Totems[]


  • Power Relic
  • Shield Relic
  • Arcane Relic
  • Weapon Relic


  • A Cry for Help
  • Test Your Totem
  • Challenge the Shadow Lord
  • Imagination Rising
  • True Totem Master



The soundtrack for the game was composed by Taylor Michael Ryan. The soundtrack for the game can be found here: