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MagiQuest Chronicles: Guardians of the Realm Portals is an updated version of MagiQuest (Legacy) that can be found in lodges built since 2014. It has a different story and the game runs on the Unity engine. The game was first introduced at the Fitchburg, MA location in 2014. The game takes place in a different Realm called Vellara. All the runes obtainable in this game can be found in all Lodges supporting 2.0 Compared to some Legacy Lodges having different rune sets.


All throughout history, the Magi have wandered the globe, spreading their teachings. The magic they wield comes from the enchanted Runes. Realizing the Runes must be kept safe from those who might misuse it, the leaders renounced themselves as Magi; transforming into mystical beings. They are known as the Guardians of the Realm Portals.


  • Tangled Timbers
  • Whispering Woods
  • Howling Hills
  • Cryptic Caverns
  • Coastal Cliffs

Former regions

  • Tempest Islands
  • Highforce Peaks
  • Forgotten Hallway


  • Dazzle Rune
  • Enchant Creature Rune
  • Healing Rune
  • Distract Rune
  • Lightning Rune
  • Portal Rune
  • Protection Rune
  • Freezing Rune
  • Ice Arrow Rune
  • Master Magi Rune


  • Pixie Adventure
  • Goblin King Adventure
  • Dragon Adventure






Full Length You Tube No Subtitles (MagiQuest Chronocles Trailer)

The trailer advertising the MagiQuest Chronicles games.

  • Some fans refer to this version of MagiQuest as "MagiQuest 2.0" to differentiate it from the original MagiQuest which was dubbed Legacy.
  • Some Characters you meet throughout the game have an inconsistent mistake. Some characters pronounce rune as "ruin". But some of them pronounce it the correct way.
  • This game has Quest Stones instead of Quest Trees in Legacy Locations with the exception of Niagara Falls, ON.