Exterior of GWL Niagara Falls, ON

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Great Wolf Lodge Niagara Falls, ON is a Great Wolf Lodge located in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. It opened in 2006 as the company's 7th location. It was the first Great Wolf Lodge to be built outside the United States and is currently managed by Jim Pattison Developments under Ripley Entertainment. It is currently the only Great Wolf Lodge to operate internationally.


The Great Wolf Lodge in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada began development in March 2004 when it announced that Great Wolf Resorts signed a 10 year contract with Ripley Entertainment which would bring a Great Wolf Lodge to the Niagara Falls Area. The resort would be managed by Ripley Entertainment. It later opened in 2006.

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  • Along with being the only Great Wolf Lodge to operate outside the United States, this location is the only one to have a set of cottages adjacent to the property known as Timber Wolf Cottages.
  • Unlike most of the locations in the United States the majority of attractions, restaurants, and stores all have different names at this location.
  • This location was technically the first to have the The Forest Friends Show instead of The Great Clock Tower Show that past locations got. Despite this, locations after Niagara Falls continued to get the other show until the opening of Fitchburg, MA in 2014.

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