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The exterior of Great Wolf Lodge Manteca, CA

Great Wolf Lodge Manteca, CA, also known as Great Wolf Lodge Northern California, is a Great Wolf Lodge located in Manteca, California near the San Francisco and Oakland Areas. The resort will be the company's 19th location. The resort's opening was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, before opening in June 2021. It is one of two locations that can be found in California, the other being located in Garden Grove, CA.


Early Delays and Construction[]

Great Wolf Lodge Manteca, CA began development in late 2010 when the project was first announced to the public alongside the location in Garden Grove, California. It was initially planned to be completed sometime in 2012, but due to the funds being taken back to the state as well as other financial obstacles the project was put on hiatus for several years. After further decisions and turning down an alternative location in nearby Brentwood, California construction finally began in November 2018.

Resort Opening Delays[]

The resort originally planned to be opened by July 1st, 2020 but was delayed to September 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions implemented by the state of California intended to slow the spread of the virus. It has since been delayed several times and the date might continue to change depending on the state of the pandemic. The resort offically opened June 29th 2021.

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