Fort Mackenzie is an interactive water play center located inside the Bear Track Landing Waterpark at all Great Wolf Lodge locations. It has a treehouse theming to it. Fort Mackenzie has many interactive water toys and kid-activated splash features. It is also where the Totem Towers are at as well as the tipping bucket.

Fort Mackenzie, although located at all Great Wolf Lodge locations, has been getting smaller in recent locations. There are main four variations of the structure style.


The icon on Great Wolf Lodge's website.


Version one of Fort Mackenzie at the Sandusky Ohio location. This version is found at the oldest locations, including the now defunct Black Wolf Lodge and Great Bear Lodge


The second version of Fort Mackenzie at the Niagara Falls location, found at the Mason, Poconos and Niagara locations

Original Fort

The original logo for Fort Mackenzie. Note the Photoshop to cover the Black Wolf Lodge name replaced with 'Great'

Fort MacKenzie logo


The third version found at the Grapevine Texas location. Also found at Grand Mound

Fort McKenzie V3

The newest version found at newest Great Wolf Lodge locations

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