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The Crew Club Welcoming you to Breaker Bay

The Crew Club were a set of characters that were created alongside The Cub Buddies in 2004. They were themed towards the sea to match the Harbor theme of the Blue Harbor Resort. The group was phased out by 2011 along with it's website after Great Wolf Resorts sold Blue Harbor Resort. However, the members of the crew can still be found there in some places.


The Crew Club website in 2005.

Similar to the Cub Buddies website, the Crew Club website had games, a newsletter to join the Crew Club, greeting cards, and a page where you can learn about the characters.


  • Enchanted Sea - Be an artist and color your own picture.
  • Memory Match - Match the hidden treasures under the sea shells. Hope you have a good memory.
  • Breaker Bay Maze - Help Sam (Description calls him Sammy) find the treasure hidden in Breaker Bay.