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Brinley Bear is a young Brown Bear cub, and the representative of Cub Club. He has a book named after him, called Brinley's Big Day! His birthday is on September 10th.

Personality and Description[]

Brinley is an adventurous young bear cub. Brinley loves to laugh and play all day and his sweet and good natured personality draws everyone to him. He also likes to read. Brinley's favorite color is red and his favorite season is spring. His favorite food is honey.

In The Great Wolf Pack, Brinley is the youngest of the Pack and can often be very shy and quiet. Observant and an excellent listener, Brinley is inspired by and quickly learns from other members of the pack. He really enjoys playing games and often gets tired or requires a snack when on missions. He is naturally afraid of many things but tries his hardest to be brave and overcome his fears.

Fun Facts About Brinley[]

  • Defining Character Trait: Full of Friendship
  • Activity/Sport: Playing & Reading
  • Brinley is very friendly



  • In a Fruit Snacks Blog on the Great Wolf Lodge Blog site, Brinley is referred to as a "Her". This is most likely a typo.