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Riders plunge after riding Alberta Falls

Alberta Falls is a water slide which usually consists of a set of two separate slides which are located inside the Bear Track Landing Waterpark at most Great Wolf Lodge locations. They are four stories (43 feet/13.10 meters) tall and involve the rider going through swiftly banking turns and steep pitches at fast speeds. Riders go outside the building and back inside before plunging. These are usually the slides that can be seen from outside the waterpark building.

Slide Details


Sandusky's Alberta Falls has two sides, one taking place nigh-entirely outdoors via a tunnel, and another taking place with an indoor pre-tunnel turn.

Traverse City

Traverse City is nearly the same as Sandusky's, but the colors of the slides are reversed, blue being for the indoor slide, and green being for the outdoor slide.

Kansas City

Kansas City was the first to feature the type of layout that would have one with only an outdoor tunnel at the end and one that has the entire layout as an outdoor tunnel, the latter one has since became The Triple Twist, leaving the indoor one to be the only one left in it's original form.


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  • The name is derived from a park located in Estes Park, Colorado also by the name Alberta Falls. It is home to a waterfall which is near a hiking trail.
  • Some of these slides have been converted to be used for Slideboarding. Although you can still use tubes on them, especially during COVID where Slideboarding is considered high-touch.
  • Yellow (or red) wrist band must ride with a supervising companion (and must be 140 cm tall and must be at least 14 years of age).